- Discovering the Joys of New Zealand Wine

Newsletter for April, 2004 - Part One

First, it has come to my attention, that some readers may have a mis-understanding about the third article in the Special Edition Newsletter. Let me clarify by stating that the events at the Australian Embassy Lamb and Wine Festival were real, as were the tasting notes.

April is a month that can be very taxing on your time and bank account. While you chase down those reciepts for your deductions, you might not have time to find a good bottle of New Zealand wine. After you see Line 72 and write the check, you might need to find a good bargain. So in this edition of the newsletter, we introduce the KiwiWineries Market Guide - Spring Edition. The guide lists what is on the shelves this month at leading retailers in the DC area and a few national retailers. Compare, shop, enjoy.

Our legal department has put together a sixteen page disclaimer, available upon request, covering issues such as avilabiltiy (it was there when we researched) and errors, either typographical or by Bebo, the stockboy, when he put the price on it. Remember, the Market Guide, like the City Paper, is worth every cent you and the advertisers paid for it.

Part One contains the retailers in DC. Part B will have Maryland, Virginia, and national retailers. An "S" to the right of the price, denotes a Sale Price.

Click on the Link for These Stores:
Cleveland Park Liquors Magruder's
Circle Wine Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits
Paul's Wine & Liquor Wide World of Wines
Morris Miller Wine & Liquor MacArthur Beverages
Calvert Woodley Schneider's of Capitol Hill

Cleveland Park Liquors
Allan Scott03Sauv Blanc$11
Babich03Sauv Blanc$12
Brancott02Sauv BlancRes$20
Cat's Phee01Sauv Blanc$10
Chas Wiffen02Sauv Blanc$15
Fat Cat01Chardonnay$11
Grove Mill01Pinot Gris$21
Hunter's02Sauv Blanc$16
Pegasus Bay02Riesling$26
Pegasus Bay99Chardonnay$26
3423 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC
Pegasus Bay00Pinot Noir$47
Peregrine01Pinot Gris$39
Selak's02Sauv Blanc$15
Siefried03Sauv Blanc$18
Thornbury02Sauv Blanc$16
Tom Cat02Merlot$12
Voss Estate01Pinot Noir$48
Waipara West99Cab Franc $13

Chas Wiffen02Sauv Blanc$13s
Cloudy Bay03Sauv Blanc$27
Goldwater02Sauv Blanc$19
5626 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC
Greenhough00Pinot Noir$20s
Kim Crawford03Chardonnay$15s
Villa Maria03Sauv BlancPrivBin$13

Circle Wine
Allan Scott03Sauv Blanc$9s
Babich03Sauv Blanc$11
Brancott02Pinot NoirRes$20
Brancott02Sauv BlancRes$20
Cat's Phee01Sauv Blanc$10
Cloudy Bay00Chardonnay$23s
Cloudy Bay03Sauv Blanc$26s
Dashwood01Sauv Blanc$18
DyedInTheWool01Sauv Blanc$15
Giesen01Pinot Noir$20
Giesen02Sauv Blanc$14
Glazebrook98Sauv Blanc$13
Greenhough01Sauv Blanc$16
Grove Mill01Riesling$16
Grove Mill02Sauv Blanc$12s
Grove Mill02Pinot Gris$20
Highfield99Pinot Noir$30
Huia03Pinot Gris$18
Huia03Sauv Blanc$17
Isabel02Sauv Blanc$20
5501 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC
Jackson Est99 Chardonnay$15
Kennedy Point03Sauv Blanc$18
Kim Crawford03Sauv Blanc$19
Koura Bay02Sauv Blanc $17
Kumeu River02Chardonnay$30
Mt. Difficulty01Pinot Noir$30
Nobilo02Sauv Blanc$11
Nobilo03Sauv BlancIcon$20
Omaka Springs01Pinot Noir$19
Omaka Springs03Sauv Blanc$17
Peregrine01Pinot Noir$36
Spy Valley03Sauv Blanc$14
Trinity Hill00Riesling$17
Trinity Hill00Sauv Blanc$17
Villa Maria02RieslingPrivBin$14
Villa Maria02Sauv BlancCellSel$17
Villa Maria00Cab/MerlotPrivBin$14
Villa Maria02ChardonnayPrivBin$14
Villa Maria03Sauv BlancPrivBin$14
Wairau River01Sauv Blanc$18

Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits
Alana00Pinot Noir$20s
Allan Scott01Riesling$13
Allan Scott03Sauv Blanc$10
Babich 03Sauv Blanc$13
Brancott02Pinot Noir$13
Brancott03Sauv Blanc$13
Cloudy Bay02Sauv Blanc$27
Cloudy Bay01Chardonnay$21s
Forefathers03Sauv Blanc$18
5544 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC
Giesen02Sauv Blanc$14
Goldwater02Sauv Blanc$20
Grove Mill02Sauv Blanc$12s
Jackson Estate 02Sauv Blanc$16
Nobilo02Sauv Blanc$8
Seresin02Sauv Blanc$25
Tohu02Sauv Blanc$17
Villa Maria03 Sauv BlancPrivBin$10 s

Paul's Wine & Liquor
Allan Scott03Sauv Blanc$12
Blind River02 Sauv Blanc$15
Brancott02Sauv Blanc Res$20
Coopers Creek00Merlot$13
Coopers Creek01Riesling$13
Craggy Range02Sauv Blanc$22
Drylands02Sauv Blanc$22
Goldwater02Sauv Blanc $17
Grove Mill02Riesling$16
Highfield99Pinot Noir$33
Hunter"s02Sauv Blanc$20
5205 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC
Kim Crawford02Chardonnay$18
Nobilo 02Sauv Blanc$12
Nobilo 03Sauv BlancIcon?
Omaka Springs03Sauv Blanc$19
Saint Clair02Sauv Blanc$17
Saint Clair01Pinot Noir$23
02Sauv Blanc$16
Siefried03Sauv Blanc$17
Spy Valley03Sauv Blanc$16
Te Kairanga01Pinot Noir$35
Villa Maaria02Sauv BlancCellSel$18
Villa Maria03Sauv BlancPrivBin$14

Wide World of Wines
Alana00Pinot Noir$20
Ata Rangi01Sauv Blanc$22
Brancott01Sauv Blanc$12
Brancott00Pinot NoirRes$20
Cloudy Bay01 Chardonnay$30
Forefathers03 Sauv Blanc$15
Framingham01 Pinot Noir$19
Fromm LaStrada 00Pinot Noir$40
Giesen02Sauv Blanc$14
Glazebrook01Sauv Blanc$12
Greenhough00Pinot Noir$40
Jackson Estate 00Pinot Noir$21
2201 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC
Jackson Estate02Chardonnay$17
Jackson Estate02Sauv Blanc?
Lake Chalice02Sauv Blanc$15
Matariki00Sauv Blanc$14
Mt. Riley01Sauv Blanc$15
Neudorf00Pinot Noir$45
Nga Waka01Sauv Blanc$20
Omaka Springs 00Pinot NoirRes$30
Omaka Springs02Sauv Blanc$15
Omaka Springs01Chardonnay$18
Pegasus Bay99Prima Don.$45
Seresin02Sauv Blanc$20
Te Awa02Sauv BlancLonglds$14
Waipara West01Chardonnay$15
Waipara West02Sauv Blanc$15
Whitehaven02Sauv Blanc$18

Morris Miller Wine & Liquor
Allan Scott02Pinot Noir$14s
Allan Scott03Sauv Blanc$10s
Chimney Creek02Sauv Blanc$10s
Felton Road99Chardonnay$20s
Giesen02Sauv Blanc$11s
7804 Alaska Ave NW, Washington, DC
Glazebrook02Sauv Blanc$19
Glazebrook01Sauv Blanc$19
Kumeu River02Chardonnay$28
Nobilo 03Sauv BlancIcon$16s
Omaka Springs03Sauv Blanc$15s
Villa Maria03Sauv BlancPrivBin$14

MacArthur Beverages
Cairnbrae02Sauv Blanc$15
Goldwater02Sauv Blanc $18
Grove Mill02Sauv Blanc$15
Jackson Estate02Sauv Blanc$14
Kim Crawford03Sauv Blanc$16
Kim Crawford02Chardonnay$16
Konrad & Co.02Sauv Blanc$16
Kumeu River02 Chardonnay$29
4877 MacArthur Boulevard, Washington, DC
Muddy Water01Pinot Noir$30
Nobilo 01Chardonnay$10
Nobilo 02Sauv Blanc$11
Omaka Springs01Pinot NoirRes$19
Omaka Springs03Sauv Blanc$17
Selak's02Sauv Blanc$16
Solstone99Cab FrancRes$30
Solstone99Cab SauvRes$30
Villa Maria02Sauv Blanc$13

Calvert Woodley
Babich03Sauv Blanc$12
Brancott01Pinot Noir$9s
Brancott03Sauv Blanc$9
Forrest02Sauv Blanc$16
Goldwater02Sauv Blanc$18
Grove Mill02Sauv Blanc$15
Mountford01Pinot Noir$30
4339 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC
Nobilo02Sauv BlancIcon$18
Nobilo02Sauv Blanc$8s
Riverside03Sauv Blanc$10s
Solstone99Cab SauvRes$32
Solstone99Cab FrancRes$32
Villa Maria03Sauv BlancPrivBin$13

Schneider's of Capitol Hill
Brancott02Sauv Blanc$10
Cairnbrae02Sauv Blanc$14
Framingham01Pinot Noir$20
Giesen02Sauv Blanc$12
300 Mass. Ave NE, Washington, DC
Goldwater02Sauv Blanc$18
Jackson Estate99Riesling$15
Kim Crawford02Sauv Blanc$19
Kim Crawford03Sauv Blanc$19
Kumeu River02Chardonnay$30
Mt. Riley01Sauv Blanc$15

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