The Ratings Guide to New Zealand Wineries

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Legend: Name of winery - Number of Review Units - Composite Quality Index

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A Lyttle Vineyard and an Olive Grove0n/a
Abel Tasman Wines0n/a
Akarangi Wines0n/a
Akaroa Harbor0n/a
Alan McCorkindale Ltd124.17
Alana Estate123.94
Alexander Vineyard43.85
Alexandra Wine Company103.78
Allen Scott Wines233.84
Alpha Domus163.58
Amor-Bendall Wines83.56
Anchorage Wines 0n/a
Anthony James Wines12.50
The Antipodean0n/a
Arahura Vineyard24.25
Aravin Estate 0n/a
Artisan Wines93.58
Ascension Vineyard73.36
Ashwell Vineyards53.65
Ata Rangi184.14
Atalaya Winery0n/a
Auntsfield Estate 0n/a
Aurum Wines0n/a
Awarua Terraces24.00
Awhitu Wines0n/a


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Babich Wines283.82
Bald Hills Vineyard23.75
Bannock Brae Estate0n/a
Bannockburn Heights0n/a
Barkerole Country Wines14.00
Beach House Wines15.00
Bell Hill Vineyard14.00
Belmont Wines0n/a
Benfield & Delamare24.50
Bentwood Wines0n/a
Berakah Estate0n/a
Berridge Vineyard Estates0n/a
Birchwood Lane Vineyard0n/a
Black Barn Vineyards83.94
Black Estate Wines33.83
Black Ridge Wines103.60
Blackenbrook Wines0n/a
Blake Family Vineyard0n/a
Blind River Wines14.00
Borthwick Estate113.41
Bradshaw Estate0n/a
Brancott see Montana
Brasells Bridge Vineyard0n/a
Brêloft Vineyard0n/a
Briar Vale Estate0n/a
Brick Bay Wines43.75
Brightwater Vineyards113.83
Brookfields Vineyards134.03
Burings of Martinborough0n/a
Burnt Spur Martinborough43.44


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C J Pask Winery153.98
The Cabbage Tree Vineyard13.00
Cable Bay Vineyards33.67
Cairnbrae Vineyards173.71
Camana Farm14.00
Canadoro Wines53.85
Canterbury House Winery153.28
Cape Campbell Wines53.37
Carrick Dam Vineyard0n/a
Carrington Estate0n/a
The Castle MataKana0n/a
Cellier Le Brun24.12
Central Hawke's Bay Wine Company42.75
Central Otago Wine Company0n/a
Chancellor Estates213.55
Chard Farm163.93
Charles Wiffen Wines173.81
Château Raphael0n/a
Château Waimarama Co0n/a
Cheviot Vineyard0n/a
Christensen Estate0n/a
Christina Estate23.25
Church Road Winery94.30
Cirrus Estate0n/a
Claddagh Vineyards13.00
Clay Cliffs Estate0n/a
Clearview Estate Winery184.01
Clevedon Hills Estate0n/a
Clifford Bay Estate143.93
Clos Henri Vineyard0n/a
Clos Marguerite23.75
Cloudy Bay194.42
Collard Brothers133.52
Coney Wines54.00
Cook's Landing Cafe & Winery0n/a
Coopers Creek Vineyard323.61
Corazon Wines23.50
Corbans Wines213.58
Cottle Hill Winery23.00
Covell Estate Wines52.10
Crab Farm Winery73.00
Cracroft Chase0n/a
Craggy Range Vineyards194.30
Cross Roads Winery163.44
The Crossings63.71


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Daniel Schuster Wines84.29
Darjon Vineyards12.50
de Gyffarde Wines14.00
De Redcliffe Winery63.50
Delegat's Wine Estate144.04
Denton Winery53.60
Dog Point Vineyard0n/a
Domaine Georges Michel93.31
Domaine Jaquiéry0n/a
Drewerys Wineshed0n/a
Drumsara Wines0n/a
Dry Gully Vineyard53.95
Dry Plains Fine Wines0n/a
Dry River Wines134.85
Drylands Estate203.82


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Edbrooke Vineyard0n/a
Equinox Wines73.36
The Escarpment74.00
Esk River Wines0n/a
Esk Valley Estate224.01
Eskdale Winegrowers34.00


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Fairhall Downs Estate Wines163.84
Fairmont Estate73.54
Felton Road154.34
Fenton Estate23.62
Ferryman Vineyard13.00
Fiddler's Green103.88
Firstland Vineyards133.61
Floating Mountain54.10
Foreman's Vineyard0n/a
Forefather's 23.62
Forrest Estate Winery253.95
Fossil Ridge23.50
Foxes Island Wines93.96
Framingham Wine Company253.96
Francis-Cole NZ0n/a
Fraser River Estate0n/a
French Farm Winery0n/a
Fromm Winery154.40


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Gatehouse Wines0n/a
Gibbston Valley Wines223.79
Giesen Wine Estate173.74
Gillan Estate Wines33.50
Gisborne Wine Company0n/a
Gladstone Vineyard203.59
Glenmark Wines52.95
Glover's Vineyard103.40
Goldwater Estate154.26
St. Arnaud's Vineyards34.33
Greenhough Vineyard & Winery154.01
Grove Mill283.80
Gunn Estate Winery113.32
Gypsy Dancer Estates0n/a


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Hanmer Junction43.00
Harrier Rise Vineyard43.73
Hatton Estate14.00
Hawkdun Rise Vineyard33.67
Hawke's Bay Hills0n/a
Hay's Lake Vineyard64.25
Haythornthwaite Wines0n/a
Heron's Flight23.12
Herzog Winery154.45
Hettinga Estate0n/a
Hidden Valley Vineyard0n/a
Highfield Estate173.79
Himmelsfeld Moutere Vineyard53.78
Hinchco Family Vineyard13.00
Hinton Estate Vineyard14.00
Hitchen Road Vineyard12.00
House of Nobilo213.63
Huapai Estate12.50
Huia Vineyards213.87
Huntaway Vintners123.76
Hunter's Wines253.89
Hurunui River Wines23.25
Hurunui Stables0n/a
Huthlee Estate33.08
Hyperion Wines103.46


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Inverness Estate23.62
Isabel Estate Vineyard174.41
Isola Estate22.50


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Jackson Estate193.72
Johanneshof Cellars163.64
John Mellars of Great Barrier Island0n/a
Johner Estate Vineyards0n/a
Judge Rock Wines14.00
Judge Valley Vineyard24.00
Jules Taylor Wines13.00
Julicher Estate0n/a


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Kahurangi Estate Winery143.67
Kaikoura Wine Company123.71
Kaimira Estate Winery113.69
Kaituna Valley94.12
Kanuka Forest Wines0n/a
Karaka Point0n/a
Karikari Estate Winery0n/a
Kathy Lynsky Wines233.69
Kawarau Estate73.79
Kel-Burn Estate0n/a
Kemblefield Estate Winery153.67
Kennedy Point Vineyard53.81
Kerr Farm Vineyard42.94
Kevern Walker0n/a
Kim Crawford Winery293.76
Kingsley Estate54.75
Kirkpatrick Estate Winery0n/a
Konrad & Conrad113.82
Koura Bay Wines163.50
Kumeu River Wines194.18
Kusuda Wines0n/a


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La Petit Vallée0n/a
Lake Chalice Wines233.47
Lake Hayes103.82
Landmark Estate Wine23.50
Langdale Wine Estate63.67
Larcomb Vineyard0n/a
Lawson's Dry Hills Wines213.88
Le Brun Family Estste**
Le Grys133.39
Leaning Rock Vineyard53.50
Lime Rock Wines0n/a
Linacre Lane0n/a
Lincoln Vineyards163.14
Lombardi Wines54.00
Longbush Wines33.42
Longridge of Hawke's Bay133.41
Longview Estate73.18
Loopline Vineyard113.25
Lowburn Ferry Vineyard 0n/a
Lucknow Estate Winery62.79


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Ma Maison0n/a
Maharg Wines0n/a
Mahurangi Estate Wines63.42
Main Divide103.62
Margaret John Vineyard0n/a
Margrain Vineyard183.87
Marlborough Wines0n/a
Marsden Estate53.20
Martinborough Vineyard184.36
Martinus Estate13.00
Matakana Estate54.00
Matariki Wines234.02
Matawhero Wines103.21
Matua Valley Wines313.73
Mazuran's Vineyards0n/a
Mebus Estate53.20
Melness Wines123.79
Melton Estate0n/a
Mills Reef Winery273.81
Millton Vineyard113.76
Miro Vineyard0n/a
Mission Estate Winery153.70
Moana Park Winery73.11
Monarch Wines0n/a
Montana Wines353.92
Morton Estate Wines163.53
Morworth Estate Winery103.20
Moteo Wines22.87
Mount Cass Vineyards213.55
Mt Difficulty Wines133.94
Mount Edward64.29
Mount Maude63.37
Mount Michael43.75
Mount Riley213.83
Mt. Rosa Station & Winery0n/a
Mountford Vineyard54.70
Moutere Hills Vineyard63.25
Mud House Wine Company203.60
Mudbrick Vineyard73.54
Muddy Water Fine Wines143.87
Muirlea Rise14.00
Murdoch James Estate183.88
Mystery Creek Wines23.50


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Nautilus Estate223.84
Neudorf Vineyards184.48
Nevis Bluff Vineyard83.81
Newton Forrest Estate74.49
Nga Waka Vineyard204.06
Ngaruroro Estate Winery0n/a
Ngatarawa Wines203.70
No 1 Family Estate24.00
Nobilo Wine Group213.63
Northburn Wine Company0n/a


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Oasis Lodge Vineyard & Winery0n/a
Observing Wines0n/a
Odyssey Wines93.47
Ohinemuri Estate43.06
Okahu Estate Vineyard & Winery113.46
Olssens Garden Vineyard133.80
Olssens of Bannockburn133.80
Omaka Springs Estate253.41
Omata Estate0n/a
Onetangi Road Vineyard43.50
Opaki Lodge Wines0n/a
Opihi Vineyard73.18
The Orpington Vineyard0n/a
Ostler Vineyard0n/a
Oyster Bay103.90


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Pacific Vineyards23.25
Packspur Vineyard13.00
Pakihi Island Winery0n/a
Palliser Estate Wines224.15
Park Estate Winery22.75
Parker MC0n/a
Passage Rock Wines63.75
Peacock Ridge24.00
Pegasus Bay244.36
Peninsula Estate Wines53.45
Penniket Vineyard0n/a
Petros Vineyard & Winery0n/a
Phoenix Wines23.62
Pisa Moorings Vineyard0n/a
Pisa Range Estate Vineyard44.12
Pleasant Valley Wines52.70
Pleiades Vineyard14.60
Pohangina Valley Estate0n/a
Pohutu Lodge0n/a
Pond Paddock0n/a
Ponder Estate Wines104.00
Porters Pinot43.87
Pouparae Park13.50
Providence Vineyards15.00
Pukawa Vineyard13.00
Pukeora Estate22.25
Puriri Hills Vineyard0n/a
Putiki Bay Vineyard33.42


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Quarry Road Estate73.36
Quartz Reef104.14


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Ra Nui14.00
Rabbit Ridge13.50
Rannach Vineyard0n/a
Ransom Wines63.29
Ravenhall Wine Company0n/a
Redmetal Vineyards24.58
Revington Vineyard24.45
Richmond Plains63.46
Ridge View Estate22.75
Rimu Grove63.42
Rippon Vineyard143.59
Riverby Estate43.00
Riverside Wines92.94
Riversleigh Estate0n/a
Rockburn Wines93.69
Rongopai Wines133.39
Rossendale Wines93.03
Ruamahanga River Estate0n/a


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Sacred Hill Wines223.94
St. Arnaud's Vineyards34.33
Saint Clair Estate Wines263.66
St Francis Wine Company73.14
St George Estae0n/a
St. Helena Wine Estate103.13
St. Jerome Wines0n/a
St. Nesbit0n/a
Sanderson Winery22.50
Sandihurst Wines0n/a
Saratoga Estate Winery0n/a
Scatterjoy Winery0n/a
Schubert Wines93.50
Seifried Estate273.70
Seresin Estate134.42
Shakespeare Cliff Vineyard0n/a
Shepherd's Ridge43.87
Sherwood Estate Wines143.69
Shingle Peak Wines123.62
Sileni Estates133.89
Silverhope Wines0n/a
Sirocco Wines0n/a
Sleeping Dogs33.50
Soljans Estate113.16
Solstone Estate133.50
Spencer Hill Estate74.51
Springvale Estate33.17
Spy Valley Wines223.81
Squawking Magpie43.56
Staete Landt124.04
Stafford Lane Estate0n/a
Stockbridge Vineyards0n/a
Stonecutter Vineyard73.43
Stoneleigh Vineyards203.92
Stony Batter Estate14.00
Stony Bay32.83
Stonyridge Vineyard44.80
Stratford Wines of Martinborough74.06
Summerhouse Wine Company0n/a
Sunset Valley Vineyard63.28
Swannanoa Wines0n/a


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Takamatua Valley Vineyards0n/a
Takatu Vineyard0n/a
Tasman Bay113.57
Te Awa Farm Winery174.07
Te Hera Estate Martinborough12.50
Te Horo Vineyards0n/a
Te Kairanga Wines193.57
Te Mãnia Estate163.89
Te Mata Estate Winery134.07
Te Motu Vineyard24.75
Te Rehua0n/a
Te Whare Ra Wines143.86
Te Whau Vineyard64.67
Terrace Heights Estate13.50
Terrace Road113.39
TerraVin Wines24.50
Thabo Vineyard0n/a
Thainstone Wines14.50
Thornbury Wines103.87
Three Miners Vineyard0n/a
Three Sisters42.75
Thyme Hill Vineyard0n/a
Tohu Wines123.58
Tongariro River Estate0n/a
Torlesse Wines173.15
Totara Vineyard14.00
Tram Road Vineyard 0n/a
Trents Estate0n/a
Tresillian Estate0n/a
Trinity Hill253.85
TW Wines34.06
Twilight Vineyards0n/a
Two Paddocks24.12


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Unison Vineyard44.22


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van Asch Wines0n/a
Vavasour Wines194.02
Vidal Estate203.91
Vilagrad Wines23.00
Villa Maria Estate324.14
The Village Winery0n/a
Vin Alto73.85
Voss Estate103.80


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Waiheke Vineyard12.50
Wai-iti River Vineyard14.00
Waimarie Wines73.50
Waimata Wines0n/a
Waimea Estates173.60
Waiohika Estate0n/a
Waipara Downs Wines23.00
Waipara Hills Wine Estate143.26
Waipara Springs Wines173.94
Waipara West73.54
Waipipi Vineyard0n/a
Wairau River Wines123.68
Waitaki Valley Wines0n/a
Waitiri Creek Wines43.37
Waiuku River Wines0n.a
Waiwera Estate23.87
Walnut Ridge Estate34.50
West Brook Winery123.68
Weston Winery0n/a
Whitehaven Wine Company183.90
Whiterock Vineyards0n/a
Whitestone Vineyard13.00
William Hill Winery93.28
Willowbank Wine Company0n/a
The Wineshed0n/a
Winslow Wines93.48
Wishart Estate Winery83.66
Wither Hills Vineyard194.23
Woodfield Estate0n/a
Woollaston Estates53.30
Wrights Wines0n/a


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