Mud House 2000 Sauvignon Blanc

This is another wonderful example of a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Mud House scored 90 points from one source. The sister label, LeGrys, made the cover of Decanter magazine in a tie for Sauvignon Blanc of the year. A tip of the hat and stemware to the proprietors, John and Jennifer Joslin.

I prefer to serve this wine slightly under-chilled so that the lush tropical fruit aromas explode out of the glass. The taste is more tropical fruit mixed with citrus. And, of course, a clean, slightly acidic finish. In an admirable display of brevity, KiwiSally describes it as "Yummy". Note the bottle in the picture is empty which is the way way you will normally find it shortly after the cork is pulled. At US$12, this is a tremendous bargain.

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